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Protected within the sea of the Tirrenic coast, Gaeta is an important city in the Province of Latina, full of ancient history and testimonial art.

Known for its scenery, mild climate and its fascinating blue sea and blue sky, Gaeta is a territory in between two seas, where its extreme point gives ground to the fascinating Regional Monte Orlando Park protected by the Riviera di Ulisse.

As it is an old city it is rich in history and according to its legend her name comes from the Nursing mother of the Greek hero Enea, which her name was Caieta. Later becoming the city of Gaeta.

It has been always know as a sailing port and then taken over by the Bourbon Kingdom until it became part of the United Italy.

There are numerous places to visit in Gaeta: the sanctuary of the Montagna Spaccata, the Old Gaeta famous for its architecture and churches; the Diocesano Museum wich holds the biggest collection of the southern Lazial art, Monte Orlando which has the ruins of the Bourbon Reign.

You can also visit Gaeta by sea, taking excursions around the magnificent beaches or renting your private boat.

Traveling along the coast of the Via flaca by car you can visit the famous beaches of San Vito, Arenauta, Ariana, Quaranta, Remi and Saint Agostino. It is in one of these beaches where Caita was buried by Eneas.

Then topping it off you have the Beach of Gaeta where you will see one km. of white

sand beach and transparent water serviced by private beach facilities and restaurants.


Besides having wonderful beaches, Gaeta also attracts Mountain Climbers. There is a 359mt. rock wall in Monte Moneta that faces the Saint Agostino Beach. Most frequented by free climbers.

Typical gastronomic dish of the area is the tiella di Gaeta,  describing it as a stuffed rustic pizza with different types of green vegetables, fish, and shell fish; all to be tasted for an exquisite mouthwatering experience. Also famous is the Olive of Gaeta (or Itri) which has a most unique flavor to be eaten fresh or cooked.

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